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Have respect for font designers and their intellectual property. Designing a font is no small task.

respect word typography in wood type

Designing and producing a quality, marketable font is no small task and involves a painstaking amount of artisanship, thought, and skill. Reputable type designers can spend anywhere from weeks to years designing a font – it is truly a discipline that deserves respect.

Font foundries and font designers deserve to be fully compensated for their work.

Check out these links from some reputable type designers describing what it actually takes to design and produce a font.

How to design a typeface – a step-by-step guide – advice from type designers at Monotype and Fontsmith

Rod McDonald’s journey through 110 years of grotesques

What it’s like to design a font from Scratch – Steve Matteson

How to design a typeface – Mark Simonson’s process

How long does it take to design a font? – Hoefler&Co.

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