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If you’re an advertising agency you use fonts to design and produce various marketing materials for your brand clients. 


Fonts are software and intellectual property belonging to the type designer who created the font. Purchasing the necessary licensing to use any font is not only the right thing to do, it is a legal obligation. While that may sound logical and straightforward, the actual licensing of a font is anything but. There are a plethora of confusing variables and options in a font licensing maze that must be considered for each and every font licensed.

As an agency who chooses (and uses) fonts on your client’s brand materials, any ill-informed font licensing decisions you make, misuse of the fonts by your agency, or failure to adequately advise your brand client of their own font licensing obligations can have costly negative legal implications on your agency and your client due to copyright infringement. 


Clients rightfully have every expectation that their agencies have the requisite knowledge in the font licensing space and be qualified to vet fonts used on their brand materials wisely. Font licensing and governance requires a very specialized set of skills which is not a core competency found in agencies. Agencies who attempt to license fonts without adequate knowledge are risking much more than they think.


Make Font Shield your agency’s partner for any and all font licensing related matters. We’ll liaise with you and your brand clients to give you both the confidence that there are no licensing gaps in the materials you produce together. Agencies must have a solid font governance program in place to fully ensure that only properly licensed fonts are being used in the materials they produce for their clients.

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