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If you’re a brand owner and have received a “cease and desist” or a “corrective licensing” letter from a font foundry stating one of their fonts is being used on your brand without adequate licensing – that’s serious and can cost you a significant amount of money and reputation risk. It’s definitely something that shouldn’t be ignored.
The obvious question on your mind is “how did this happen?”. The answer could be any one of the following:

  1. One of your agencies or production partners failed to secure their own font licensing for their particular use of the font on your brand materials (in other words, no licensing was purchased at all).

  2. One of your agencies or production partners who did purchase their own font licensing failed to read and fully understand the licensing terms and conditions in the EULA (End User License Agreement) and misused the font, violating the terms and conditions.

  3. Whoever initially chose the font for use on your brand failed to inform you, the brand owner, of your own responsibilities to license the font (when/where applicable).

When brand owners partner with advertising agencies (or anyone else who uses fonts) in the creation of their marketing materials, depending on the fonts chosen and how they are used, both agencies and brand owners may contractually require their own separate licensing. Failing to obtain proper licensing can lead to expensive (and embarrassing) litigation due to copyright infringement of someones intellectual property.

Brand owners should fully expect that their agencies are well versed in the font licensing space in order to protect all parties from legal issues, and also be able to advise brand owners of their own font licensing requirements.


Brand owners – have your advertising agencies and production partners consult with Font Shield whenever they use fonts in your marketing materials. We can proactively ensure there are no licensing gaps in the materials you produce together and keep you safe.

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